The best program to expand your dance knowledge!

We are creating a new program for young adults with Ballet, Contemporary and Lyrical background (ages 17 - 25) who are interested in expanding their training to Latin and Smooth Ballroom! To be a great all-around dancer you need to have experience in many styles of dance. Latin and Smooth Ballroom will prepare you for auditions and give you an edge over the rest!

Each 2 hour class will be working on the following:
- Ballroom stretches and exercises
- Work on a performance routine to be performed  at our Semi-Annual show
LATIN: Latin walks, turn techniques, body movement and arm styling, hip action.
SMOOTH: Range of motion, body swing and sway through the floor, balance and ballroom poise and posture.

Starts September 11th
Schedule: Monday 7-8pm(Latin) 8-9pm(Smooth) & Thursday 4-5pm (Latin), 5-6pm (Smooth)
Call to register by 9/6/17
Monthly rates*     4 hours ~ $79     8 hours ~ $149     12 hours ~ $211     16 hours ~ $249

*Rates are discounted for a single cash or check payment.